Amanda Curtis is a police officer interning to learn a new role - 'Detective' in the Homicide Bureau of the Los Angeles Police Department when she winds up on a huge case with her new superior, Detective Michael Peters,who is not only leading the case, but now also training her. The two, along with other investigators, are hunting a serial killer they've dubbed 'the head hunter' who is luring young aspiring models to their death, live streaming their torture and mutilation on a dark-net website called, where users pay a subscription fee to watch the killings take place live. In between murders the site consists simply of an all-black screen with a blood-red countdown clock indicating the time left till the next slaughter. After each killing the suspect mails pieces of the victim (usually the head) to taught police. During the investigative process, Amanda and Mike strike up a tumultuous relationship where Detective Peters, who claims to usually work best alone, is overly flirtations with the young and beautiful trainee. By the end of the story, readers find out why Amanda is not only key to the investigation itself, but worthy of that 'Detective' role she's after, helping not only solve the case, but leading directly to the serial killer's apprehension and location. It's a thrilling ride of cat and mouse sure to keep readers wondering what's around every corner. - Countdown to The Next Nightmare: The First Fiction Horror Story Based Entirely On An Internet Domain Name